Letters from a Woman Homesteader

Letters from a Woman Homesteader
By: Elinore Pruitt Stewart

Genre: Letters. (It’s actual letters. Awesome first person account)

How I discovered this book: My friend, Alyssa. Thanks!

Rate: (Scale from 1-10):
Quality of writing: 10
Characters: 9
Plot: 8

Elinore sets out to become a homesteader in Wyoming in the early part of the 1900s. These are her letters back to her friend in St. Louis. You see the female perspective of homesteading and what it means to be on a semi-isolated ranch in Wyoming in 1909.

Reasons I enjoyed or disliked:
This one was great. It was interesting to see the first hand letters of Elinore. The only bad thing was that you didn’t get to see the exchange of letters, it’s all just Elinore’s letters.
You learn how she decided to come to Wyoming, and the decisions she makes while there. Elinore appears to enjoy her time as a homesteader and accepts the trials with grace.
It was a really nice look at the American Frontier from a differnt perspective.

Yay or Nay?
YAY! Guys, it was free on the kindle. Free! A good read. Go read it.


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