Cleaning tips for the rest of us….

My Boyfrind barfed in my handbag….and other questions you can’t ask Martha
By: Jolie Kerr

Genre: Non fiction, cleaning tips

How I discovered this book: I’ve been reading Jolie’s column since she The Hairpin. Now she’s over at Jezebel. She’s awesome.

Rate: (Scale from 1-10):
Quality of writing: 9
Characters: no real characters, unless you count OxiClean. Which is totally a charater in this book.
Plot: 8

The book is a compilation of Jolie’s vast cleaning knowledge. Which is vast. And it answers all the questions you had about cleaning everything. And I mean everything. From getting questionable stains out of sheets to cleaning your handbag after your boyfriend barfed in it, Jolie has you covered.
I mean, just look at the cover:


She’s a big proponent of OxiClean. And now I am too…. That stuff will clean everything. She also gives great alternatives to using harsh chemicals which I liked.
She’s got charts for easy reference and she will have you wanting to clean your house throroughly before you’re even a quarter of the way thorough the book.

Reasons I enjoyed or disliked:
I’ve loved Jolie’s column for a long time and I’m glad she compiled all of her knowledge into one place. It’s a great reference book. I’m gonna keep this one around for a long time. And give it as a housewarming present. Along with a bucket and a tub of Oxiclean.

Yay or Nay?


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